Promote production technology developed at the research centre of GIAPHAM to the farmers at the base level so as to enable them raise their economic level.

The name of agriculture, forestry and fisheries research: GIAPHAM Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research.

Directorate of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

  • Manages the evaluation of technical data on farm feeds, fertilizers and fertilizing plants
  • Manages the evaluation of technical data on agricultural, fisheries and forestry remedies
  • Manages the evaluation of technical data on stock remedies
  • Develops norms and standards for and promote and co-ordinate sustainable plant production practices
  • Ensures the quality of seed
  • Renders management support services
  • Renders risk management inspection/auditing services at official ports of entry points Render worldwide plant risk management inspection/auditing services
  • Provides worldwide plant quarantine and diagnostic services
  • Renders Animal Quarantine and inspection services
  • Promotes, prevents and controls agriculture, forestry and fisheries diseases
  • Sets norms and standards for indigenous forests and woodland management
  • Develops rehabilitation programs for woodlands and indigenous forests
  • Manages the conservation planning and compliance with the national management frameworks
  • Provides frameworks for trees outside forests including greening

Role of Director of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

  1. The Chief Technical agriculture Advisor of GIAPHAM.
  2. Deals with all professional questions such as work plans for agriculture production and other crop protection measures.
  3. Supervises the formulation of work plans and submission of the completed plans. He is responsible for the final checking of the control farms for work plans sanctioned by GIAPHAM
  4. Submits, the consolidated budget, the appropriation proposals and the Annual Administrative Report.
  5. Heads the department and controls all agricultural affairs
  6. Formulates and submits to JCCPTA -GIAPHAM all proposals regarding appointment, promotion and transfer of all gazetted officers of the agriculture department.
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