To Control all financial aspects of GIAPHAM strategy and analyzing figures and implement recommendations based on findings, with the most profitable outcomes.

Role of Chief of Finance (COF)

  • Helps on Finance and Accounting:
  • Helps to manage the organization financial assets in order to maximize the return on available financial assets.
  • Systems that help the organization maintain and manage the firm’s financial records, receipts, disbursement, and depreciation payroll to account for the flow of funds in a firm.
  • The office of COF provides answers to questions such as these; what is the current inventory of financial assets? What records exist for disbursement, receipts, payroll, and other funds flows
  • Manages all administrative matters surrounding finance
  • Assists the Joint Country Chief of Personnel, Trainings, Operations and Administration in financial administrative matters.
  • COF Directs Entrepreneurship development and in charge of establishing Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCO).
  • Advises the organization in all matters surrounding economics and entire education sector.
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