To Link Promotional Agency in the development of industries and industries activities in GIAPHAM organization as a whole and afford the basic infrastructural facilities for the creation of industrial awareness and atmosphere.

Name: GIAPHAM Industries, Engineering and Operation

DIEO advices GIAPHAM in the following trades:-

  • Investment Awareness Programs
  • Workshop and seminars in Industries and Engineering field.
  • Engineering and technical operations

Also, DIEO runs regular activities in the following trades: –

  • Knitting
  • Tailoring and Embroidery
  • Carpentry and Furniture making
  • Leather, Blacksmith and Fabrication
  • Carpet Weaving

Role of Director Industries, Engineering and Operations

  • implements policies and programs for development of industries
  • Acquisition of land for development of industrial infrastructure
  • Provides various incentives under Package of Incentives to industrial units in GIAPHAM.
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of Industrial Estates in various sectors of GIAPHAM
  • Maintains various statistical information pertaining to Industrial Development in GIAPHAM, Organizing of Seminars, workshops and awareness campaigns for motivating the entrepreneurs.
  • Organizes and participates in Exhibition and Fairs for promotion of Industrial Development in GIAPHAM.
  • provides marketing assistance
  • Entrepreneur’s Library for information of the entrepreneurs equipped with Project Profiles, Reports, Periodicals and brochures.
  • Organizes Entrepreneurship Development Programs.
  • Advises specific studies on various aspects of Industrial Development in GIAPHAM.
  • Interacts with Industries Associations and various Agencies engaged in Industrial activities.
  • Development including Academic and Research Institutions, Financial Institutions and Banks for providing interface to the entrepreneurs. Will advise Chief of Finance-GIAPHAM on economic matters.
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