Name of the legal center: GIAPHAM LEGAL CENTER

Aim of the Directorate of Legal Services

To improve the authority that will aid in finding a solution to a legal problem.

Role of Directorate of Legal Services (DLS)

  • DLS is the sole provider of legal services for the Health, humanities, sciences and Social Sectors of GIAPHAM.
  • Provides legal advice on: interpretation of normative instruments; administrative, budgetary, and personnel matters; internal regulations; contract, treaties, and agreements; application of GIAPHAM laws relating to monies, labor relations, and privileges and immunities; and cooperation and electoral agreements. DLS Serves as the Secretary General’s representative in litigation. In its area of competence, DLS advises BOD and other committees of GIAPHAM.

Role of Director Legal Service.

  1. Provides legal counsel and leads litigation services through the development and implementation of legal policy and governance frameworks, and the best mix of internal and external legal services to the Executive to provide the highest quality legal advice
  2. Develops and implements legal, policy, regulatory and compliance, and litigation management frameworks to minimize and manage risks, ensure compliance and facilitate reporting requirements
  3. Provides innovative, practical and contemporary legal leadership and expertise to resolve significant and complex legal issues on behalf of the Directorate
  4. Contributes to strategic planning processes at both Agency and Cluster levels, to ensure that plans are informed by high quality legal, policy, regulatory and compliance advice to identify, minimize and manage legal risks
  5. Directs the research, analysis, interpretation and delivery of high quality strategic and operational legal, policy, regulatory and compliance advice and support services, and resolve complex and sometimes unchartered legal issues to enable the execution of policy, program and service delivery strategies
  6. Anticipates and keeps informed of GIAPHAM direction and the implications for committees and for Agency activities to develop and respond to committees and generate innovative solutions to legal matters which lack precedence.
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