(a) Any Organization/group/Donor whose work is supportive of the organization may be invited by the Board to become part of the partnership or collaborators of GIAPHAM.

(i) Donors may withdraw their support at any time in writing and this has no crime however, alerting the organization.

(b) The Board may unanimously and for good reason suspend the partners/donors for personal interest. This equally applies to other collaborators.

(c) Any non partner of GIAPHAM discovered curious to injure its objectives or in possession of or in any GIAPHAM belonging without legal authority from a substantial court is charged of abuse of authority, fraud, breach of confidentiality, and trespass. This equally applies to individuals and organizations.

(d) Clients/patients of GIAPHAM are not partners and in no circumstances will they sue GIAPHAM’s or Partner’s officer/staff/ as an individual except suing GIAPHAM as a company or organization. Also GIAPHAM will need to rule out the credibility of the accused as a staff of GIAPHAM and

(e)The complainant or an organization where the complainant filed/lodged a case against GIAPHAM or Partners/corroborators will have given a notice to GIAPHAM organization, officially received and addressed to the Secretary Board of Directors of GIAPHAM Within one month from the time a file against GIAPHAM was registered.

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