Executes policies of GIAPHAM according to the constitution

Role of the President-GIAPHAM

  • Implements policies on unique decisions that are rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance provided are approved by the Board.
  • Addresses problems where the procedure for arriving at a solution that may not be fully predefined in advance.
  • Uses the available information to control, defend and manage the organization.
  • Has analytical power to authorize objective by objectives according to constitution.
  • The office is very interactive, the President can change assumption; ask new ideas / questions from operational departments.
  • The President-GIAPHAM will Chair BOD meeting in limited resources.



Aim of the Office Joint Country Chief of Personnel, Training, Operations and Administration (JCCPTA)

Oversees, and takes overall responsibility for, the training, operations and administration of the organization and reports to the President.

Role of JCCPTA

  • Provides president with reports and in some cases with online abstract access to the organization’s current performance and historical records.
  • Helps the president on planning, controlling and decision making at the management level.
  • Depends on the underlying information from the operational departments.
  • Manages all Directorates of GIAPHAM.

GIAPHAM objectives:

  • Infectious, non infectious diseases and HIV/STIs prevention, control and management.
  • Bringing a holistic innovative research.
  • Capacity building to empower student-graduates, professionals, peasants, people with disabilities, voiceless and other vulnerable persons.
  • Engage in educational teaching at all levels of learning for good reason to increase Public Health Professionals in its health services or utilize or give capacity to human resource and increase the number of multipurpose quality skilled professionals since the Board of Directors approved.
  • To promote and support a sustainable human conduct, legal, human rights and address unlawful conduct within communities.
  • To promote and support cooperation between civil society organizations and government.
  • To promote and support participatory governance and democracy.
  • Entrepreneurship development and establishment of SACCO in order to facilitate savings and to provide affordable credit to employees

GIAPHAM operates Countrywide In its area of competence as follows: 

Healthcare services

  • General medical, surgical and laboratories
  • Holistic innovative health research
  • Infectious, non infectious diseases and HIV/STIs prevention, control and management.
  • Family planning education
  • Reproductive health
  • Primary healthcare
  • Palliative care/terminal illness care
  • Deinstitutionalization (Treatment of mental conditions in communities or outside Hospital.
  • National (Countrywide) Outreaches.

Empowering professionals and Education

  • Promote, support and advocate for professionals, institutions, graduates and school going children welfare.
  • Support and cause proper implementation of policies that promote professionalism, institutions equity and equality, team work, exemplary and innovative learning culture.
  • Support and promote community alliance and education advocacy initiatives to implement quality use of resources and
  • Entrepreneurship development and establishment of Savings and Credit Cooperative Society .The objective of GIAPHAM-SACCO will be to mobilize savings and afford members access to loans (productive and provident) on competitive terms as a way of enhancing socio-economic well being.
  • Promote and support motivation to increase school attendance and performance.
  • Engage in educational teaching at all levels of learning (kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Institution/University) given that the organization meets the requirements for Ministry of Education and Sports Government of Uganda See GIAPHAM Curriculum Nov 2015.

Democracy and Good Governance

  • Guide and counsel citizens as well as encouraging them demand for services from their leaders accountable.
  • Facilitate understanding of governance and democracy and educate public on matters related to political science, leadership, election of leaders and human rights to vote.
  • Promote and support media/ outreach community dialogues and hearing in partnership with local and central

Human Conduct, Legal and Human Rights

  • Support and promote prevention, control and management of unlawful conduct surrounding Land, Natural resources, industries, air and water.
  • Promote, support and engage community leaders such as cultural leaders, political leaders, religious leaders and Government Officials to control, prevent and manage illegal human conduct and natural crisis.
  • Support and promote public dialogues, hearing and rule of law in conflicts resolution on any matter surrounding
  • Equity and equality advocacy on matters surrounding land and natural resources sharing.
  • Support and promote human rights at all levels and in every sector of operation.

Environment Health, management and Agriculture

  • Support and promote agriculture and proper land use.
  • Promote environmental hygiene and
  • Environmental impact assessment, crisis management and conservation.
  • Support forestry, wetlands, tourism and wildlife protection.
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