GIAPHAM is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of multidisciplinary (health, humanities, social and sciences) innovative research with advanced immunity and registered by the Government of Uganda. Its focus is based on innovation, creativity, and commitment to the overall wellbeing of the society internationally. GIAPHAM shall be awarding institute in its academic Education Directorate.

Name of the Organization: Global Institute of Allied Psychology, Health and HIV/STIs Management (GIAPHAM).


Bringing Innovative health, humanities, social and sciences research


To be an institution of a holistic innovative research


To provide quality Multidisciplinary innovative research


  1. Infectious, non-infectious diseases and HIV/STIs prevention, control and management
  2. Bringing holistic innovative research.
  • Promote continuous Education and Capacity building to empower student-graduates and professionals, peasants, people with disabilities, voiceless and other vulnerable persons.
  1. To promote and support quality human conduct, legal, human rights and address unlawful conduct within communities.
  2. To promote and support cooperation between civil society organizations and government.
  3. To promote and support participatory governance and democracy.
  • Entrepreneurship development and establishment of Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCO).
  • To promote humanities, social and sciences and other substantial sectors/departments expansion in areas of tourism, agriculture, industries, religion, forestry.


The institute treats each individual uniquely, compared to other similar services provider institutions. GIAPHAM assists each individual realize his/her strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to intercept any difficult situation.

Core values

(a) Health, humanities, Social and sciences dignity begins with you.

(b) Respect

(c) Integrity

(d) Capacity building

(e) Holy spirit dignity [dignity of Spirit of (Jesus, God and Mary) begins with you]


This is a non-membership organization with the Board of Directors as the highest Organ and decision making body of the Organization.

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